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Best SIM-Only Deals From Mega Mobile Deals

Looking for a great new contract without needing to pay for a new phone?

This is where SIM-only deals come in.


Buying a SIM with generous call, text, and data allowances is a fantastic way to get real value for money each month. Just insert the SIM into your current phone to start taking advantage of your exciting new package. It’s quick and easy.


And Mega Mobile Deals is home to the best SIM-only deals on the UK market. Read on to learn more about our SIM-only plans and how they can help you get more for less.


Get your hands on new 5G-ready SIMs

We offer a selection of SIM-only deals from mobile networks you can trust, including Three. And one of the best bargains you’ll find online in the UK is our Three SIM-only deal, which offers three amazing perks:


  •     Unlimited data
  •     Unlimited calls
  •     Unlimited texts


That’s right — you can browse the internet, call friends and relatives, and send texts without the fear of exceeding your monthly limits. You’re free to go online and chat as much as you like.


This six months half-price SIM-only plan is fantastic for all phone users, whether you’re looking to use apps for hours each day without needing to connect to Wi-Fi or you send hundreds of texts per week.


And one of the most amazing parts of this deal? This is a 5G-ready SIM. That means you’ll be able to take advantage of the fastest mobile data available.

At the time of writing, 5G is available in dozens of UK towns and cities, including Liverpool, London, Birmingham, and Liverpool. It’s much quicker than 4G, particularly when downloading movies, television series, and games.


For example, one user managed to download an entire Breaking Bad season from Netflix within 90 seconds on 5G. With 4G, it took more than 20 minutes. That’s great news for anyone who loves to watch their favorite films or shows during their commute. You don’t need to download media the night before anymore when 5G is at its fastest  — you can do it within a couple of minutes before you leave.


That offers you more flexibility, more convenience, and less stress. And that would do all of us some good, wouldn’t it?


Affordable UK contract phone deals for all budgets

Mega Mobile Deals is home to an extensive collection of the latest smartphones with affordable deals suited to shoppers on diverse budgets. Even if you have a bad credit score or no credit at all, you can sign up for the best contract phones without fear of being rejected.


There are no upfront payments and we don’t perform a credit check. Check out our Bad Credit Mobile Phones Buying Guide for expert advice and guidance on getting a new smartphone with low credit.


We bring you offers on smartphones from top brands, such as Apple and Samsung. Take your time and browse the full range to find the perfect deal for you!


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