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Quick Tips to Protect Your Children from Becoming a Smartphone Addict

Child phone safety is a critical concern for parents. Research shows that 37 percent of children aged 8 to 11 in the UK own a smartphone. Amazingly, so do 5 percent of 5 – 7-year-olds.

And that means young children may have access to the internet, including harmful content.


It’s crucial to consider the risks and consequences of a child using a mobile phone carefully being giving them one. They’re an obvious go-to to keep kids entertained, but can be addictive and dangerous.


Try these cell phone rules for kids to protect your little ones.


Simple Tips for Effective Child Phone Safety

Reduce screen time and access


The Family Link app by Google is available for free. This allows parents and careers to set daily usage limits and a “bedtime” slot to lock your child out of the device.


Apple users can activate iPhone parental controls in the main settings menu. Limits can be imposed on gaming, social media access, and watching media. This helps to reduce the risk of them becoming dependent on certain apps and the phone itself.

Reinforce privacy


One way to protect children from smartphone dangers is to reinforce their privacy. The Google Family Link app discussed above can prevent children from sharing photos via Google Photos. It also stops Google storing data about your child’s search history and more.


With iPhones, Content & Privacy Restrictions located within the Screen Time menu in Settings lets, you manage your child’s privacy. Restrict access to stored photos, the microphone, Bluetooth links, and more.


Manage app access



App management is vital for effective child phone safety and combating addiction. There are real risks and consequences of a child accessing social apps, such as viewing inappropriate media.


The Family Link app shows you how to make a Google account for your child and link it to your own. You can limit access to apps and monitor your child’s activities from your own phone.


For iPhone users, you need to create an iCloud account for your child and set limits as required in their own settings. You can block certain addictive apps easily, as on Android devices.

babyphone safety tips


These simple child phone safety tips help to limit your child’s smartphone use and keep them secure. The best smartphones offer a wealth of settings to manage kids’ activities and access.

Quick Tips to Protect Your Children from Becoming a Smartphone Addict

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