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Where Can I Buy A Phone And Pay Monthly Without A SIM Card?

Looking to buy a phone without switching your SIM card?


It’s easier than you might think. SIM-free deals mean you only receive the phone itself, without being tied into a fixed contract of a specific network. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to decide your own set-up once you have that shiny new smartphone in your hand.


Obviously, you’ll be unable to use the handset without inserting a SIM card. This is essential for making calls and sending texts. Fortunately, finding great SIM-only deals is easier than ever today. You’ll be able to customize your phone package by choosing the perfect smartphone and contract based on your personal preferences.



One of the main benefits of choosing to purchase a phone without a SIM card is that you can focus on finding the best phone without worrying about the contract it’s attached to. That’s liberating in an age when so many providers bombard you with so many options. You get to enjoy more control over your purchase.


So, where can you find a phone and still get access to amazing pay monthly SIM deals?


Welcome to Mega Mobile Deals.


Choose from the latest smartphones at unbelievable prices


We know phones. We know great deals. We know how to put the two together to bring UK customers an unparalleled selection of the best contracts on the market.


A wide range of phones is crucial with the sheer variety of quality manufacturers and networks available today. But we aim to make the entire process of buying a phone on a budget much easier for you, with all the information and advice you need to choose wisely. Check out our in-depth buying guide to get started.

SIM Only Plan UK


With SIM deals, you can match your contract to the phone of your choice, whether you prefer O2, Vodafone, EE, or one of the many other networks operating today. A quality SIM-only deal provides you with unlimited calls, texts, and possibly even unlimited data.


The latter is particularly important to most phone users, enabling you to access your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, and more without a Wi-Fi connection.

phone buying guide


Take your time to browse the phone buying guide we’ve created, our portfolio of budget-friendly smartphones, and our SIM deals before making your decision. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the amount of information available to help you choose.


Can I still take advantage of the best contract mobile phone deals with bad credit?




It’s a common misconception that you can only sign up for contract phones or a SIM-only package with a good credit score. But anyone can buy a smartphone or SIM card no matter how low their rating is.


Signing up is quick and simple. We don’t perform credit checks and approval is typically quick, helping to bring you your new phone or SIM faster than ever.


Want to know more about your options? Check out our range of terrific options now!


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