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How To Choose The Best Type Of Phone Deal

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What type of deals call out to you when you’re in the market for a new phone?

That’s not such an easy question to answer when there are so many amazing options, is it?


But don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer variety of deals out there. In this post, we’ll help you choose the best type of phone deal for your payment preferences and average usage.


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The three types of phone deal for UK customers

The first and most important decision you have to make when shopping for a new phone is choosing between a pay-as-you-go, pay monthly, or SIM-only deal.


Pay-as-you-go is a classic option, and still popular. This is best if you use your phone for a couple of brief calls or a few texts each week, but don’t care about unlimited data or air time. Choosing pay-as-you-go is also smart if you don’t want to be tied into monthly payments.


Pay monthly contracts are fantastic if you’re not planning to buy a cutting-edge phone that’s new to the market upfront. You’ll pay for the phone and the calls, texts, etc. in one sum each month. This is typically a step up from pay-as-you-go, as you’ll need to make sure you have money in your account to cover the monthly charge. It takes a bit more commitment, but you don’t need to worry about running out of credit.


SIM-only deals are perfect if you have a phone you already love and see no reason to switch handsets just to take out a new contract. There are some fantastic SIM-only deals on the market, suited to all communication and browsing habits.


Choosing the right deal for you


To choose the best type of phone deal for you, you need to think about the amount of time you spend using your handset each day, and what you actually do during this time.


Is your smartphone basically a games console with some communication functionality? Do you love to chat with friends on Facebook or Twitter but never via texts or calls? Somewhere in between? Or something else entirely?


Consider your previous phones and deals. If you’ve always relied on pay-as-you-go, you might realize that you top your credit up multiple times a month, and could actually save money by switching to a pay monthly plan.


Of course, this means you’re tied into yet another financial arrangement on top of your other outgoings. But enjoying better value for money is bound to outweigh this minor negative.


On the other hand, if you have a long history of pay-monthly phone contracts, you might be considering a pay-as-you-go deal. But remember: you’ll have to top your credit up when you run out, which can be inconvenient. Especially in an emergency, when you have to make an urgent phone call and the process of adding credit to your account takes more time than you have to spare.


But it’s all down to what works best for you and what offers maximum value.


What type of phone is best for your financial situation?


Once you’ve settled on the right type of phone deal, you need to think about the actual handset.


There are so many stunning smartphones on the market today — it’s never been a better time for phone-fans. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose from an immense selection of budget phone deals from many quality brands.


And the ongoing evolution of phone design is leading to mind-blowing innovations, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Fold and its upcoming successor. They’re the stuff of science-fiction fantasies.


Latest Smartphone


But again, consider the type of features and functions you tend to use most often on your phone before buying the most expensive model just because of its novelty appeal.


Some of the latest smartphone 2020 models are designed to be budget-friendly, with slower RAM and less storage space. But that doesn’t mean you’re not getting value for money. Some of the more affordable phones, such as the Honor 10 Lite or the Huawei P30 Lite, offer amazing performance that’s more than enough for most users.


For example, the Honor 10 Lite comes with 64GB storage as standard, boasts a 6.21 inch LCD screen with 415 pixels per inch, 3GB RAM, and a decent battery. And you can get all this for well under £200. That’s a bargain by anyone’s standard.


But maybe you want faster RAM because you just can’t stand anything close to lag (which isn’t a problem with the Honor 10 Lite, by the way) and like to run multiple apps at the same time. In that case, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more — quite a bit more in some cases.


Just be aware that you can get some incredible phones at super-competitive prices, but if you want the fastest, juiciest specs or phone with the best battery life, you’ll have to pay more than you might expect. Think carefully about your current outgoings before you commit to any type of phone deal, especially if this is your first pay-monthly contract.


Can you still get a great phone deal with bad credit (or no credit at all)?


Bad credit scores are a common issue for UK consumers. And this can be a major obstacle when you’re applying for certain types of loans, such as for a new car or a mortgage. But it doesn’t have to stand between you and a beautiful new smartphone.


Anyone with bad credit in the UK can apply for a contract phone or a SIM-only deal. Even if you have no credit history, such as if you’ve never had a credit card, you can still sign up for a new phone contract with a top network.


Mega Mobile Deals has a huge range of incredible mobile deals online for UK shoppers looking for contract phones for bad credit. Take your time to find the right deal for you based on your finances, your phone-usage habits, and your long-term payment preferences.


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