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Interactive Mobile Buying Guide With Bad Credit

The way Smartphone usage is increasing it is pretty inevitable to feel incomplete about it. Devices are becoming intelligent and even before we start using all the functions of a mobile phone, the new phone gets launched in the market. Phones have become high tech and these are not used just for personal things, but even for various office or career-related tasks. Indeed, a Smartphone is a mere necessity, but because of bad credit getting a phone contract in the UK is not easy. 

If you are also seeking a phone contract, but worry about your bad credit rating then do not be disappointed. Yes, there are mobiles for bad credit and you can get it too. There are some suitable deals which will not just meet your needs or budget but will suit your financial circumstances as well. Let’s take a closer look at how it is possible.

When you apply for a mobile phone contract there can be many outcomes. Your application can either be accepted straightway or you may have to abide by a condition. You can be asked to pay a deposit or else you will not get the contract. If your application is rejected then the reason is your bad credit history. Companies run a credit check to determine whether you will be able to make the payments on time or not. So, do you know why your contract was turned down?


Things you need to know about bad credit:

The company will not tell you why your phone contract got turned down and it is frustrating. Here we have discussed the factors that are responsible for a mobile contract to be turned down. These factors appear on the credit report which is as follows:


  •       Missed payments: If you have missed any payment then lenders think that you are not financially responsible.


  •       Bad credit history: Bankruptcy orders, (IVA) Individual Voluntary Agreement and (CCA) County Court Judgment appear on credit reports. A County Court Judgment needs to be paid in 30 days else it stays on the credit report for at least 6 years. From the day the Individual Voluntary agreement begins it stays on the credit report for 6 years and even the bankruptcy order stays for 6 years. This means that you are financially overstretched and have trouble making payments. So, getting a new phone contract becomes almost impossible.



  •       Continuity issues: If you are not registered on the electoral register and have not stayed on a particular address for a long time to get registered then lenders cannot verify your identity or get an address proof.


Factors that shape your credit score:

A credit score helps the lenders or companies to predict the risk of loaning you money, credit cards, mobile phone contracts, etc. The credit score comes from the information that appears on your credit report. The information related to missed payments, late payments, bankruptcy, Payment history, the amount owed, length of credit history, etc. makes the credit score.

These variables are taken into consideration to determine the points you have earned. All these variables hold points and these points are added to form a score. Depending on your credit score a good or bad credit rating is given. Based on this rating the lender will decide whether you should be given a mobile phone contract or not.


Mobile Phone Buying Guide Without Credit Card

If you have a bad credit score you probably know it. For getting mobile phones on contract bad credit is unacceptable. If you have been refused before for getting a mobile phone without a credit card then there are companies who can offer you a mobile phone contract on upfront payment. But, exceptions are always there. Some providers do not ask for upfront payments and welcome all credit scores.

You can join a no credit check plan as well by filling a form online. You can get a device inclusive plan if you are asked to pay an upfront fee. It is taken as a security amount. This security deposit is taken in case you do not pay on time. It will act as a cushion. It will also help in improving your credibility with your mobile company.

The possibility will be that you may not get a high-end Smartphone. You will get a Smartphone that will suit your requirements and once you make payments on time you can always upgrade, but in some cases, you can also get a high-end phone. This totally depends on the mobile company to whom you have approached. In most of the cases, you need to fill an online application form to know about the approval. Some mobile contract phone specialists offer mobile phone contracts to everyone whether they have a good rating or bad rating. 

They make the deals accessible because they have partnered with the best suppliers and find suitable deals which meet the requirement of the customers precisely. 


How to Finance a Mobile Phone Without Credit Card

When you apply for a mobile phone contract without a credit card, the suppliers will ask you to meet at least the basic requirement. They will offer mobile phone contracts with no credit card plans to suit your financial circumstances.

When applying for the mobile phone contract, the suppliers will run a credit check in a similar manner as you apply for a loan. They do this to check how reliable you are in keeping up your payments. They have different mobile phone plans and according to your current status, they will assist you to choose the most ideal contract with no credit card deal.

The companies will not see that you want to finance a mobile without a credit card as long as you can ensure you have funds to meet the payments on time. They will take some time to get the contract approved and tell you a monthly line rental amount which you need to pay for the duration of the agreed contract period which can be of 12 months or 24 months.



Bad Credit Mobile Phones Buying Guide

If you have bad credit then you need a mobile phone contract with no credit check. From the perspective of dealers, you need to have a desirable financial profile.

If the credit history is free of blemishes then it is easy to get a guaranteed contract phone, but what to do when there are some lapses in your application? These lapses can be anything from bad credit to different other details.

When you do not have an ideal profile for getting a phone, there are some smart ways to be eligible. One way is to look for providers who will entertain applications from those who do not have a good credit rating. You must be aware of your credit score so you can know what kind of plan or phone you will qualify for.

You need to send inquiries to different providers who offer bad credit score phones. They will be the ones who will entertain your application and hence make it easier for you to buy a contract phone online. You can now compare their plans and services to get the contract which suits you. In fact, these contracts are a stepping stone to build your credit history.


How To Get A Mobile Phone Plan With Bad Credit


To be eligible for bad credit score phones you need to meet the most basic requirement. Firstly, you should be at least 18 years old or above. Secondly, you should be a resident in the UK and give some proof of income. It doesn’t matter whether you are working part-time, full time or self-employed. If you are able to provide income proof it shows that you will be able to make payments. You need to pay a monthly payment for the next 12 or 24 months and you can expect a hassle-free and quick application process if you have bad credit.

When it comes to getting the best phone deals for bad credit in the UK you need to contact the companies that have established themselves in giving phones to customers who have bad credit. These companies offer a wide selection of handsets. Whether you want some latest phone or something that is basic, these companies have you covered. They have partnerships with trustworthy phone suppliers. So, these companies can help you get approved with bad credit too. 

They make the process quick and easy. Once you meet the basic eligibility criteria, they can approve contract phone applications within a few days. You should be able to handle the contract phone terms and conditions. They will help you every step of the way and ensure the application process is smooth from start to end. Just take care of these 4 things:


  •       You should be on the electoral roll: Sign up to the electoral roll and then using the same address under which you registered, apply for a contract.


  •       Choose a cheaper mobile phone: If you choose an expensive phone, the chances of refusal are high. It is very tough to get premium devices like an iPhone so choose a Smartphone that meets your needs.


  •       Do not reapply: If you have been refused for a contract phone then do not keep reapplying because it shows on the credit rating. Choose the most reliable provider who welcomes all credit scores with 100 percent approval.


  •       A proper bank account: People who have a bad financial history don’t have a bank account. It is important to have a bank account for taking out the monthly payment.


Why are these contracts suitable for those who have a bad credit rating?

These mobile phone contracts are suitable for those who have a bad credit rating because they have a 100 percent chance to qualify for the deal.

These contracts are pocket-friendly. These contract phone deals are cheaper than normal phone plans. You just need to tell the provider about your financial status and get a payment plan which suits you.

Another plus point is you have a chance to build your credit score. Simply make the payments on time and a good score will open doors in other financial aspects where you need money eagerly. It will help in proving your potential and credibility.


Tips to buy a Smartphone you desire

The highest-rated companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have launched some of the best handsets which are a desire of every smartphone lover. These phones are getting a lot of attention because of impeccable features and specs that are so enticing for the users these days. The only thing that matters is the budget and if you want a high-quality option on a budget then choosing the right Smartphone can be a little overwhelming.

So, here are a few things that you need to know before investing in the Smartphone of your choice.


  •       Android gives you more options and iOS is easy to use: If you are dwindling what to choose then think about your preferences. If you want something which is easy to use and looking to get some trending apps along with proper software updated on time then choose an iPhone. However, if you want affordable options and more hardware choices then Android is the best one for you.


  •       Pay what is suitable for a phone: GalaxyS8, iPhone 8 and supreme Android phones start at around seven hundred dollars and the cost goes up to a thousand dollars. You can choose some cheap phones that are less than five hundred dollars and you can get some of the best ones for just 30 dollars as well.


  •       Right screen size: If one-hand use is vital for you or you have small hands then choose a 5.5-inch screen size. If you love to watch a lot of videos and like to play games then choose bigger screens. You also get the multi-window mode in Android and big-screen phones like 5.8 inch Galaxy S8 which will fit comfortably in one hand. You get 18:9 aspect ratios.


  •       If more than the resolution you are interested in the color quality, brightness, and display: If these things matter to you more than the resolution then a 4K screen is great, but actually it is more of a deal. To see the outdoors pay attention to how bright the display is. AMOLED panels are better than LCD when it comes to going for a colorful panel. The latest phones offer HDR or high dynamic range for displaying more colors.


  •       Do not focus on Megapixels: Battery life is important, but along with this camera has become a priority for many users. So, you must focus on the specs like the aperture and some special features which include optical image stabilization and dual senses. Choose from the best camera phones and ignore the megapixels.


  •        The processor doesn’t value that much: Many users are happy with the mid-range phones as well as these phones offer good amounts of performance as well. However, if you looking for augmented reality and need more power for the games then choose an Android phone that has a Snapdragon 835 processor. In iPhone 8, X and 8 plus there is a fast mobile chip and An 11 bionic processor.


  •       If the phone that lasts for less than 10 hours after charging then do not buy it: You need the longest-running phone in this era and if you use your phone a lot or have to travel outdoor then find those devices that can last throughout the day on a single charge. Even if you invest in some cheap phones you can get phones that have long-lasting battery life.


  •       Storage matters: Now phones that have 16 GB storage are not so interesting to buy even if they suit your budget.  Storage capacity will give you trouble if you go for 16GB. For storing more games, videos, and photos you should have at least 32 GB space. The new standard for storage is 64GB. You can choose a micro SD card for increasing the storage, but only a few Android phones have this.


  •       Phone unlocking: A fingerprint sensor is quite easy to unlock your phone. You don’t need to get in the hassle of typing the passwords and pins. Fingerprints take less time to open the device but it can be challenging when you have sweat or something on your fingers.


Pay attention to the placement of sensors because in some phones the sensor is either on the back or in the middle of the phone, but for some, it is located awkwardly next to the camera.


  •       Battery capacity: Check the battery capacity of the phone because it helps in determining the potential of the phone like 3000 mAh offers a long battery life. Check for a fast battery charging as well. Some phones give you 6 to 7 hours of charge in just 10 to 15 minutes. Check if the Android phone supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0.  There is a fast charging option in iPhones as well but you need to invest in a lightning cable and a USB-C power adapter separately.


  •       Removable Battery: This spec is not in demand now, but it offers benefits. In case the existing battery is not working and top holding the charge for a long time you always have an option to replace it.



Conclusion: If the bad credit rating is stopping you to get your dream phone then don’t worry.  Simply fill an online application form with one of the best providers who welcome a low credit score. The form is not long enough and it is free as well. You need to fill it online and add your preference for network and handset. As per your financial circumstances, the dealer will give you some recommendations that you can choose as per your desire. It will make the approval quick. Once the process is completed you will get a confirmation in a day or two. If you meet the requirements then you will be told about the payment plan and hence receive the handset.





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