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Learn To Compare Phones Online Before You Buy One

What’s your process of buying a new phone?


Maybe you walk into a shop on the high street and ask an assistant to help you find the ideal model based on your daily usage. Perhaps you take a more laid-back approach and pick the cheapest phone you can find online. Your process might be a combination of both, or something completely different.


But if you’re not comparing phones online before you buy one, you could be missing out on some amazing mobile deals online in UK.


In this guide, we show you how to compare phones online and explore how this helps you to make the right choice.


Checking phone specs for a deeper insight


One of the first steps you should take when comparing phones online is to look at the phone specs.


This tells you everything you need to know about any handset that catches your eye. The screen size, RAM, battery life, internal storage, expandable memory, native features, and more will all be covered. This might not seem important to you, but the specs are crucial — they affect everything about the phone’s performance.


You could end up with a smartphone that lags when playing high-end games or which struggles to run two apps at the same time without checking the specs carefully.

Website on phone


Plenty of websites carry information on phone specs, including manufacturer sites. These will be designed to coax you into buying them, though, so make sure you look for unbiased insights too (see our next two points).


Find the most exhaustive list of specs you can for any phones you’re interested in, and keep them open in separate tabs. Jump from one to the next to compare specs quickly.


What are the most important phone specs? Everyone has their own priorities when buying a new phone. For some people, any screen smaller than six inches is out of the question. For others, it has to feature 4GB RAM, no matter how much that bumps the price up.


Whatever your tastes and goals, make checking the specs the first thing you do when you compare phones online.


Read phone reviews written by experts


The next stage should be to check what professional phone/tech review sites have to say about any smartphone you’re tempted to buy.


Popular examples include TechRadar, TrustedReviews, CNET, and Which? but you’ll probably be spoilt for choice. And some of these can be pretty detailed, so don’t worry if some of the details go over your head.


Focus on the most important areas for you, such as how smoothly the games run or the screen size. An expert opinion can open your eyes to potential issues you might not find in reviews written by customers.


Which brings us to our next step …

Read phone reviews written by real customers


customer satisfaction

The internet empowers consumers with the freedom to speak their mind about any product or service. And this means you can learn more about any phone you’re considering and identify whether it’s likely to suit you.


Consumer phone reviews tend to be varied in their length and detail. Some will shed light on their satisfaction with the device overall, in just a line or two. Others will delve deeper into the design, the internal storage, bloatware, and other finer points that help you make an informed decision.


Take the time to browse as many customer reviews as you can to get a balanced insight into your new phone. Don’t go on star ratings alone, as reading the reviews themselves might reveal that some people score phones poorly for irrelevant reasons, such as slow delivery or excessive packaging.


Look into SIM only deals


SIM only deals are an amazing option if you’re not quite ready to switch phones. We’ve all had one mobile that’s hard to put aside for another, and if your current model still does everything you need to, maybe it’s best to look into SIM only deals instead.


The good news is, there’s a huge selection of SIM only deals available online, covering all of the biggest (and smallest) networks. You can find contracts from O2, EE, 3, and many more.

Most SIM only deals offer real value for money, too. Expect to see contracts providing unlimited data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts at competitive rates.


This can make choosing one contract over another difficult, so It might all come down to your preferred network and any bonus schemes included in the deal (such as O2 Priority).


But check that the SIM you plan to buy fits your phone. If not, you’ll need an adapter. That’s easy to fix but can cause delays if you need to order one online.


Check if you can buy a contract phone online with bad credit


Credit checks are another point to consider when you compare phones online. If you have a low credit score, you might be ineligible to sign up for a contract and be refused that perfect deal.


If this happens to you, it’s annoying — but there is a solution.


So, how can you get a contract for phones without a credit check?


Just find a dealer catering to shoppers with no restrictions on credit ratings. You don’t need to worry about being denied because you’ve struggled to stay on top of your credit card payments or don’t actually have a credit history yet.


This means anyone can buy a contract phone online with just their most basic information, instead of being subjected to a credit check. As a result, comparing phones online becomes less stressful for customers used to being turned down for other products or services because of their poor score.


Check the deposit amount before you buy


Accept cash

Some online mobile phone retailers require a deposit on your mobile, but not all do.


Finding a phone contract with no deposit can help you to save money and get your mobile sooner if you don’t quite have enough cash to cover an upfront payment. This may only be available on certain models.


We hope this guide helps you to compare phones online and save money in the future. If you’re looking for smartphones without credit checks, browse our collection of the latest models now!


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