Friday, January 21

New £15 100GB SIM-Only Plans Available Now from Smarty Network

Fantastic news for British shoppers on the hunt for the most competitive UK contract phone deals: the Smarty mobile network is offering amazing 100GB SIM-only plans for just £15 a month.


Smarty, which is a network powered by the hugely-popular brand Three and focused on competitive costs, usually provides customers with just 50GB of data at this price point. They’ve doubled it for a limited time, which is bound to bring more new customers over from competing networks.


As with many SIM-only deals, Smarty’s £15 100GB offer includes unlimited texts and calls. That’s especially important during this period of social distancing.


Personal hotspots and tethering are available, too. Smarty is imposing no restrictions on speed.


This is one of the best UK contract phone deals available on the market and demonstrates how generous deals from mobile networks can be from time to time.


And, amazingly, customers can keep their existing number.


This SIM only deal is available until the 28th of May, so there’s still plenty of time to take advantage.

No credit checks for Smarty SIM-only deals

No credit checks for Smarty SIM-only deals

Smarty performs no credit checks when new customers sign up. There’s no minimum contract and Smarty runs one-month plans, giving customers unparalleled freedom.


All of this combines to make Smarty’s 100GB SIM-only plan one of the best phone deals for bad credit score holders available.


Bad credit can cause profound stress in the UK. A plunging credit score has the power to hold people back from securing a new car loan, a mortgage, or even a new mobile phone with some networks.


Fortunately, Smarty is making life a little bit easier for customers looking for generous UK contract phone deals on a low credit score. Other SIM-only deals available from the brand include 30GB for only £10 and an Unlimited plan at £20.


Make money back from unused data


Make money back


Another advantage of Smarty’s SIM-only plans is data discounts. This scheme pays customers back when they leave data unused in their mobile plans. For example, if you only use half of your data in a month, Smarty will give you a small portion of your cashback.


That can make a big difference to customers who feel frustrated at paying for data they don’t use.


Smarty’s SIM-only deals also serve as a great first phone for children and teenagers to stay who don’t need lots of mobile data. The lack of a credit check means this is an affordable option for families on all budgets, too. Especially those facing financial struggles during the lockdown.


As some of the best phone deals for bad credit score holders, Smarty’s SIM-only plans will be snapped up by customers across the UK. Remember: this 100GB offer is available until the 28th of May 2020 only. But with no credit checks to worry about, the sign-up process should be quick and simple.


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